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Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil

Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil


Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil

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The Brazil Trade Fair holding in São Paulo opens a window for industrial lead factories meeting up with companies in Latin America. It sponsored by government associations from both China and Brazil. The expo is influential in Latin America, and many companies interest to establish the business partnership with Rison. RISON attend the EXPO as the professional exhibitor in renewable energy industry.
During the EXPO, professional buyers, supply chain teams from all over the world including every continents visited RISON stands. This demonstrated the great potential on solar water pump market. RISON sales team gained great opportunity meeting up with valuable guests from different countries willing to establish the business relation. Both company in solar industry or company already in pump bushiness visited RISON stands for the negotiations on RISON products, offers, services...
Overall the event brought a good reputation for the company and a good chance of showing up. The return from attending the event is not limited on company annual sales, but also on market impact, client trust, business connections...
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